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Total Album Length: 53:23

The Farmer’s Daughter Song Lyrics


Dedicated to the loving memory of my father, Parnell (1924-1995)




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Doug Geist (Santa Fe Center Studios), Denean, Eric Larson, Audio Engineer


Winner of the 2000 New Mexico Awards

"Denean has a clear, lovely, and touching voice, and when she is using it to sing her Native American-flavored country songs, there is no one like her!" Stephen Schwartz -Songwriter/Lyricist Disney's "Pocahontas" Dreamworks' "Prince of Egypt"


Stephen Schwartz

"Denean's music, as much as the unspeakable "Great Mystery" can be pointed to in sound and lyric, captures THAT, calling forth the Spirit with a humility that pierces the heart..."The Farmers Daughter" is a collage of contemporary, very intimate poetry put to her mesmerizing compositions, ALA a 21st century RUMI. It's authentic, full of human simplicity yet transcendent. Multiple listens recommended!" Alan Hutner-Host/Producer Transitions Radio Magazine

The Farmer's Daughter Song List:

1. By Way of Angels / 2. Responding / 3. Truth Behind Those Eyes / 4. Letter to My Desire / 5. When It's All Said and Done / 6. The Farmer's Daughter / 7. I Am (Song of the Sandia Mtns. / 8. Your Own Soul / 9. Like Water / 10. T'ai Chi / 11. Eagle in My Heart

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