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Total Album Length: 48:18

Breath of Angels Song Lyrics


MY HEART is OPEN AWARENESS: quiet stillness frozen in the ever present now. As I experience the BREATH OF ANGELS, I VOW TO VIRTUE to live a life of virtue to the highest spiritual truth. In the DREAMTIME, I dance with the stars as I sing GABRIEL'S SONG. I have no WORDS to express the REFLECTIONS OF LIFE I see here. I contemplate the very source of my being. I look upon the face of God. I am healed. I am that I am. TO THE LOST AND FORGOTTEN I say, "Know that you are not!" The message is this: Live a NEW PARADIGM. Accept THE EMBRACE OF CHANGE. Embrace change from a calm center: a quiet wordless, self-contained joy. Live Peace. Israfel, Archangel of Music, I thank you for your inspiration. I sing a song for you: a SONG FOR ISRAFEL.

"Breath of Angels", inspired by the Arch Angel of Music, Israfel, features piano with "soft" vocals. Its essence is star energy from the Divine Immortal Realm manifesting itself as music. It is a form of communication that carries the vibration of Divine Harmony in the cosmic order. It is directed to furthering the listener to inner quiet, calming the "frantic mind" that keeps us bound to the ego self. It is music for deep meditation and relaxation. It can also help to calm infants making, it wonderful angel baby music😊




My friend, Kiara Windrider was swimming with dolphin friends in Sataya Bay, Egypt and captured this video clip. He asked me to put some music to it so I have chosen "Open Awareness".







"Denean's Breath of Angels mesmerizes me. The first time I heard it, I had to hear it right to the end. The piano made me feel as if I were surrounded by angels." Ray Vinella, Taos Artist (One of the “Taos Six”)

Breath of Angels Song List:

1. My Heart / 2. Open Awareness / 3. Breath of Angels / 4. Vow to Virtue / 5. Dreamtime / 6. Gabriel's Song / 7. Words / 8. Reflections of Life / 9. To the Lost and Forgotten / 10. New Paradigm / 11. The Embrace of Change / 12. Song for Israfel

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