A Reiki Healing and Meditation CD with the Sacred Sounds of Reiki


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Total Album Length: 57:08

Reikidama Song Lyrics




REIKIDAMA™ now in 432 Hz! The "heart" of this CD is a meditation piece called "Reikidama™". It is recorded as a 30 minute mantra piece for meditation and healing. Reikidama™ comes from the word "Reiki" and the word "kotodama". Kotodama is a Reiki practice lesser known to the western world of Reiki. Kotodama means "word spirit" or "jeweled words". In the Usui form, these are particular sounds associated with each of Reiki symbols.

Also included are the songs "Spiral", "Hands of Dancing Light" and a Hatsurei-ho Meditation Practice which is approximately 13 minutes in length. Although you can use these pieces together or separately, you will find it greatly beneficial to do them together. As you listen to Reikidama™, contemplate in your mind that for which you need or want healing, and allow the Reiki energy to vibrate within you. Allow your being to entrain and synchronize with this healing energy.

Special Note: Track 3, the Hatsurei Ho Meditation is a 12:54 minute meditation leading you into Track 4, Reikidama, which is a 30:14 mantra meditation/Reiki healing energy transmission through sound. Therefore you have your very own Reiki session on a CD!





"I have received your Reikidama CD which I must say is the Best Reiki CD I have ever heard! I have been listening everyday and I just love it! It just takes me into a different space." Debbie Baxter - Spa Director for Mandarin Oriental, Bermuda

"Thank you for your beautiful music. My Reiki teacher introduced me to your cd Reikidama. The track Reikidama calms my screaming 2 year old at bedtime, and helps him to sleep before the track even finishes. It is amazing what effect your music has on my son and my baby." Anita Webb

Reikidama Song List:

1. Introduction to Reikidama / 2. Spiral / 3. Hatsurei-ho Meditation / 4. Reikidama / 5. Hands of Dancing Light

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