The beautiful thing about this story is that I wrote an article in 2014 prior to the birth of this album. I was writing about the experience that was leading up to its creation. In the last paragraph I wrote, "I always create music from my experience and it is already stirring. When I feel that kind of movement within me, I call it being pregnant with a song. So perhaps at some point the energy of all of this will be shared with you through the energy of music."

Sometime later I wrote a second article prior to the release of "Gaia's Prayer" and then a final part upon its completion. I have compiled all three articles here in one place to give you the complete picture. Enjoy 😊

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I figured out a long time ago that when I create, my job is simply to "show up". It is not my job so much to define what an album is going to be. If I do that, I just get in the way. Many years ago, when I was in Nashville, writing country/pop songs, the creative process was quite different. Then it was more an externalized writing process. But at around 1989-1990, after facing some life or death challenges, I opened myself to Spirit in a way I never had before and Spirit responded profoundly!

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Once upon a time a few years ago while in deep meditation and ceremony, the focus of my intention was purification and a return to the innocence and lightheartedness of a child while at the same time nourishing and respecting the wisdom that life teaches and that has deepened through my journey.

The spirit world gave the symbol you see on the album cover and gave it a name. "Wiku" is a Lakota word. The original context means "sun returning". However in the context used here, it means "Sun Child Returning". Lakota language works that way.

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First let us understand what thunder is. The I Ching tells us that Thunder is the symbol of the shock that brings quiet. It is the shock that releases tension. It is the music of the earth. For music too eases the tensions of the heart. Thunder is the quickening of the child in the womb. For the children, they are music. It is my prayer that you may come to understand the significance of thunder as it relates to the growth of all things and the furthering of life.

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I remember in writing the songs that eventually became "The Weaving", I was holding true to my creative process which was just to "show up" creatively, and let it happen. I would not censor, but rather just create the music for its own sake, one song at a time, not looking for any particular outcome or anticipating "the next album".

There were some amazing experiences with "The Weaving" I would like to share with you.

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I was living in Nashville, TN at the time. I was writing, recording and performing on the country/pop scene. But facing life or death in a deeply challenging personal life situation put me in touch with the more important questions of life. Why am I here? What is the greater reason I have been given the gifts that I have and how can I use them for a greater good?

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