“Music is not in the notes but in the silence between them.”

Claude Debussy

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What I Do

The main focus of my work is on expanding consciousness through music and sound frequency. I have albums that have gone gold and platinum in Southeast Asia markets. I am a singer-songwriter and an award-winning producer. I have a deep rich history of Lakota spiritual practice which has greatly influenced my music. Popular releases: Fire Prayer and The Weaving.

My latest release is Gaia’s Prayer.


Why I Do What I Do

First of all, I love music and I love creating it. But the thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction is learning from you that what I have created has deepened and enriched your life, and in some cases (according to the many letters and emails some of you have sent me over the years) it has brought you profound healing and guidance.

That feedback from you is what makes the circle complete and helps me to know I am on the right track with the deepest calling of my soul...my mission:

"To offer music that assists in healing and in expanding consciousness on planet Earth."

That is why I am here. ❤

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Thanks for hanging out with me 😊

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