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WIKU  "Sun Child Returning" by Denean.

This recording is at 432 Hz and the full dynamic range of the original performances has been preserved.

Watch Crossing the Event Horizon from Wiku 432 hz Music Video by Denean

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Total Album Length:  68:19

CD: $16.98

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WIKU in the context used here is a Lakota word that means "Sun Child Returning". This 432 Hz music by Denean expresses the cosmic view of humanity's place in the bigger picture and the pathway to return to harmony by aligning with our Earth Mother in her birthing of a new reality before us.  Click on the link to learn more about the importance of 432Hz music.  Also, the full dynamic range of original performances has been preserved so it is intentionally quieter than some.  For full enjoyment simply Turn Me Up!  Visit to learn more.

"I received the gift of Denean's CD,  WIKU at a time when I was in deep need of healing. I listened to the songs, prayers and chants over and over again, feeling myself bathed in an elixir of sound.  The songs uplift, inspire, nurture and heal.  It's a gift to find music that speaks so directly to the soul of these times.  Denean's CD does that, as she reminds us the truth of who we are.  I'm grateful for the gift of these songs, which are a blessing of profound and important beauty."

DEBORA SEIDMAN: Author, teacher, compassionate writing coach.

What fan's are saying:

"I love this album!  Your music is a blessing.  Thank you!"   ~RICHARD PRESS

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying WIKU, the CD I purchased from you. Oh is the best.  The vocals, the music, the words....superb!

I am even trying to understand 'crossing the event horizon' and viewed some of the videos about black holes and quantum mechanics.


The entire album is fantastic.  Easy to sing along always.   Meaningful! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with all of us."     ~SHIRLEY   Lubbock Texas

1. Oaya Chant / 2. Weave a New Dream / 3. All of Life is a Circle / 4. Wiku /

5. Divine Will / 6. Calmly Know / 7. Crossing the Event Horizon / 8. Threads of a Greater Tapestry /

9. Quiet Light / 10.Child of the Sun / 11. Oaya Whale Solo Segue  / 12. Spiral of a Planet /

13. Sun Child Returning / 14. Oaya Chant (A Meditation)

(c) (p)  2013 Denean

Sacred Earth Music, BMI

Woo Way Intuitive Healing Arts